Remember this movie: Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot Poster

Will you take a bloody break MOM!

You know how things slow down once you get married and the kids come along? Everything we do revolves around them. We become so busy worrying about them, working to provide, paying the bills and all else that adds to the stressful living of Mrs Jones, that we forget to take care of ourselves at times.

And so it’s a good idea to pamper ourselves every once in while. Take a much needed break so to speak. Have a date a night. Go bungee jumping. Tackle a six tonne truck with goggles on. Jump out a moving plane without a parachute. Wrestle a lion in your underwear. Or do whatever else thrills you. Just take a break will you!

I practically had to force my wife to go join some of the ladies from our local church for dinner tonight.  It’s not that she didn’t want to. It’s just that she was more worried about the children. And their studies. And the baby and his milk because he’s still breastfeeding at 1 year. And probably whether all hell will break loose with her gone.

And of course my looking after them. Whether I was going to be spiritually present as well or just physically taking up space like I do sometimes. You know what I mean right? Sometimes we’re there. But we’re not all there. Well the good thing is I’m not too busy with any big projects so I can promise to be totally there tonight.

So will you take a bloody break MOM!

Anyway, after convincing her to go and take a break tonight I was inspired to write a little poem to mark this day.

Here it is. Enjoy!

Oh Mrs Qarau
Oh Mrs Qarau
Let down thy hair thou can
I bid thee good leave
To spend time with some thieves
That will steal thee away from thy clan

So enjoy thyself
As a fair maiden tonight
Worry not of thy children’s plight
For they are in good hands
With that handsome stag
Who stole he thee away
From that old grizzly mad
Otherwise known as “Dad”

So take flight my love
And make thee new friends
For life is filled with joy in a band
But when the clock strikes 12
Remember that frog
That swept thee off thy feet with one hand


Feel free to copy it, change the name and pass it on to your partner when you feel they deserve a break.

I haven’t thought of a title for this poem yet so do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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