When dads become Heroes

Team HoytWhen a child is born a hero is also born. Why? Because through the eyes of your child you are one.

But what if your child is born a paraplegic? The doctors have said that he will be a vegetable all his life and he is better off in an institution. What would you do as a dad?

Click the play button to find out what one dad does for his son. who truly is a Hero.
I guarantee you will be inspired.

Dick Hoyt is not only just a great example of when dads become heroes. He is a dad who truly is a hero.

Their story has also made me realize my shortcomings as a dad.

But –

Instead of dwelling on the things I can’t change, I have made a decision to act on what I can. And that is exactly their motto:

Yes you can!

This edit will truly move you.

Dick Hoyt makes me want to be a better dad.
How about you? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “When dads become Heroes”

  1. I just want to thank you for sharing this amazing story of father and son. A very inspirational story about motivation, patience and love… Keep em coming 🙂



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