What the good Lord sent a lost young boy

Once there was a young boy
As lost as a needle in a haystack could be
He was trying his best to keep it together
And smile in the face of adversity

But his brave face was a front
And laughter bitter sweet
All to get through the day
And no matter how hard he tried his best
Turmoil was adamant to stay

God looked down on on this young lad
And His big heart was moved
He thought
“What could I give this poor boy
To help him shine as he should”

“Maybe a good job
A big house, and a car
I’m sure that will do
Or maybe a private jet and bucket loads of money
So he could build a backyard zoo”

After much deliberation
And search throughout the Earth
He found the greatest gift
“Aha” said God to himself
“This will definitely have to do,
Now this young boy can become the man
That I had so purposed him to”

What jewel had the good Lord found
That had all of Heaven in such awe
A gift so rare, beautiful and true
That surely nothing would hold a candle to
Of all that He had to offer in this world
The good Lord sent this young boy…


To the love of my life
My beautiful wife
And the mother of my children.
You are my Hero!

Happy Mother’s Day

-From that mad man that you so unfortunately married…

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