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Two boring tasks that IT teams should prioritize to save time and money

Delaying IT modernization projects is one way to save money in these uncertain times, but that also can slow down digital transformation efforts. A better investment of time and effort is taking time to complete boring but important tasks that often get pushed down the priority judi online list. John O’Shaughnessy, an infrastructure architect and senior consultant at Insight Enterprises, has two recommendations for IT departments who want to boost efficiency and lower costs:

Application rationalization
Standardizing IT services
O’Shaughnessy said these things should always be top of mind.

“Even in the best of times, it’s good to free up time and money to be used elsewhere,” he said.
O’Shaughnessey said that one way to convince IT teams to take on these projects is to point out that freeing up time and money will create more opportunities to take on more interesting work.

Here are the benefits of both tasks as well as some ideas on how to get the work done.

Application rationalization
IT departments use application rationalization to identify which applications across an organization should be kept, replaced, retired, or consolidated. CIOs often have to deal with numerous legacy applications after a merger or acquisition. Application rationalization (AR) also is helpful when companies have to comply with new regulatory or compliance requirements. Finally, cloud migration and big data projects are two other business forces that can make AR a good idea.

O’Shaughnessy said application rationalization is becoming more popular with clients.

“They’re coming to us with 1,000 applications that are business critical and we help them figure out what they really need,” he said.

O’Shaughnessy said that one common example is payroll systems. If each corporate division has its own software for this task, it wastes a lot of time and effort. Consolidating on one platform for payroll is an important task that often never gets done.

“It’s not easy, it takes time, and it’s not sexy,” he said.

O’Shaughnessy said AR can save licensing costs, hardware, and labor.

“One of the hidden things is all the labor,” he said. “You can free those people up to support other things.”