What is the secret ingredient to being the perfect dad?

I mean really, how do you become a perfect dad?

The secret ingredient to being the perfect dad
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The only solution that comes to mind is to call Harry Potter and ask Hermione to conjure up a potion that could make us perfect. A potion that could help us be in 3 places at once.

But then again, the side effects may be too drastic that our own children won’t even recognize us [because we’d end up looking like Dobby].

Do you ever wonder how your children will see you when they are older?
Or what they will say about you as their dad?

I’m not trying to pressure you or anything but these questions have plagued me in the past and still do occasionally.

So instead of letting it remain in the back burner I thought I would bring it up for discussion and share what I have learned so far.

So, what is the secret ingredient to being the perfect dad?

To answer this question we must first find out: what makes a dad perfect?

Here’s a list of some of the things that would make a dad perfect.
You can add to it in the comments.

The perfect dad:

  • Always keeps his promises.
  • Is always there when you need him.
  • Is always on time.
  • Always listens.
  • Participates in every parental activity.
  • Never gets angry.
  • Always knows what to do and say.
  • Never makes mum angry or has a disagreement with her.
  • Is at harmony with everyone around him.

If that’s you, then congratulations! You’re perfect. So you don’t have to read the rest of this post.

But, if you are like me, that is “far from perfect” [I won’t tell anyone if you don’t] then welcome to the club.
Good on us for being honest with ourselves.

What then is the secret ingredient to being the perfect dad?

Simple really.

It’s knowing that we can’t be perfect.


Because there is no such thing as the perfect dad.

Not on earth anyway.

We can be good, maybe even great, perfect in some areas and not so much in others.

What a relief.

I find this knowledge very comforting, don’t you?

So don’t sweat it if you can’t be there all the time or feel at a loss when you don’t have all the answers. Know that every moment spent with your children is time invested. Let us keep reminding ourselves of this and enjoy every minute we spend by their side.

Don’t be too hard on yourself or dwell too much on promises broken. Be grateful for the ones you’ve kept and rejoice in the thought that you’re working towards keeping the ones you’ll make in the future.

And always remember, it’s the little things that matter. And the little things won’t cost us an arm and a leg. Or will they?

Don’t let a day go by without your children knowing that you love them.

Whether in deed or in word. Why?

It just may be your last.

Let us do our best, to be our best.

Since we can’t be perfect, what are some other tips or thoughts that you have that can help us be our best? Share it in the comments.

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