The greatest secret to achieving your goals that you can pass on to your children

the-greatest-secret-to-achieving-your-goalsHave you ever seen a lion silently crouching behind a bush while staring with piercing eyes at an elephant? Then as if to break the silence he opens his mouth slowly and mutters under his breath, in a deep almost soothing voice… ‘Dinner’?

Well, neither have I. But that’s not the point to our little anecdote as you will soon discover below.

Last year, in an effort to become a better and more productive me, I set out creating resolutions for myself.

I even created a template, which you can download below (shameless self promotion), to help with achieving your resolutions. The approach was slightly different from the usual to do list as I also catered for the ability to track your goals, remind yourself of why you are doing it in the first place and encourage you to press on.

Do note that I had never done anything like this prior to this whole goal setting experience. Now, while I didn’t succeed in fulfilling all of my resolutions, the whole exercise however did pay off as it allowed me to discover the secret to achieving goals.

What is the greatest secret to achieving your goals that you can pass on to your children?

It isn’t sitting on your royal behind and hoping things will change for the better, that’s for sure.

The greatest secret to achieving your goals, that I found, is to create habits. Good habits that is! Just like digging for gold or scratching your golden nuggets in front of your in-laws are bad habits and something you probably wouldn’t do (especially if you’re not married yet) then all you need to do to succeed in achieving your goals in life is to create good habits.

Simple enough, don’t you think?

Unfortunately the problem with this is the need to break free from a lifetime of bad habits. And to break away from some of these bad habits you’ll need the ferocious tenacity of a hungry lion. Being single minded and not allowing anything to come between you and your meal, or in this case, your goals.

Why bother with creating habits anyway?

Whether you’ve realised it or not, everything you now do is a result of allowing the repetition of little things to go on in your life. Either consciously or unconsciously.

Over time these repetitions become habits. These habits become a discipline. These disciplines become a lifestyle. And your lifestyle becomes your brand. Be it good or bad.

The good news is, after one year of being a guinea pig to my own goal setting endeavours I can honestly say that there’s really nothing to it. Why? Because you’re a hungry lion…remember.

So. Whatever your goals? Whatever your dreams? Whatever your visions? Create the habits that will drive you toward achieving them. Good habits that’ll change the course of your life for the better and see your goals being achieved over and over again.

I’m not going to lie to you by saying it’s going to be easy. But what I can promise you is a feeling like no other when you stand on that mountain top after you’ve crossed the finish line. That single moment of victory will be worth the pain, the sweat, the blood, the tears and the time that you invested toward achieving your goal.

How can I be certain of this?

Because like the lion…

You will have never given up.

And that in itself is a victory worth celebrating.

“Your audacious life goals are fabulous. We’re proud of you for having them. But it’s possible that those goals are designed to distract you from the thing that’s really frightening you—the shift in daily habits that would mean a re–invention of how you see yourself.
— Seth Godin

Download the Resolution Template to get a fresh perspective on goal setting and feel free to leave your two cents in the comments below 🙂

Download The Resolution Template

9 thoughts on “The greatest secret to achieving your goals that you can pass on to your children”

  1. Creating habits is definitely an important part of achieving your goals. It’s one thing I could have done better at as a kid myself. Now as a dad I have the chance to start creating some of those habits with my kids.

    Hopefully it turns out better as I go.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Adam! And you’re totally true in that I could have also created better habits as a kid myself. Well, as they say – Better late then never! Cheers!

  2. True true.
    what you do daily determines what you become permanently … I don’t think I can ever stop myself from those habits, everytime I try to make a better me there’s always my kryptonite that makes me weak and pulls me back, but deep down inside I know and feel that spirit of change …and just how light illuminates the dark… yeah my darkness devours the light

  3. thanks Buka.

    …makes for a good read and think i might have ago at the resolution template (if I can download it)

    Keep it up, 500 – 50000 words heading your way soooooon.

  4. Very challenging …

    At first while reading the first part, I was very excited to know what the article was all about (lesson,message) than it said that u were trying to write 500 words a day, than my excitment died lol … joaxs …. This is a very good article that had u acheive ur goals for today 😀 i.e writting 500 words a day 😀 … nice one Naibuka 😀 iam sure you will become a great author one day 😀

    1. Thank you Ateca for the vote of confidence! And 500 words is way easier then say doing 500 push-ups LOL! The trick is to let your goal drive your habit by putting your vision to paper. Start small by focusing on one thing you’d like to achieve then create the necessary habit(s) to help you achieve it. Then all you have to do is chase after it like a hungry lion 🙂

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