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Start With a Survey for Customer

“Any marketing funnel begins with the challenge of how you get people to enter it,” Satterfield said, adding that small business owners can attract prospective clients by offering worthwhile information that their customers want access to, preferably in the form of videos, articles or other easily digested media.

Once a prospect opts in to receiving free content, it’s the businesses turn to find out more about who that customer is and what they need. One way to do this, Satterfield said, is to ask visitors to your website to complete a simple, one-question survey.

As Satterfield explained, the survey you build should be based on the three to four biggest challenges you know your customers face, which is why step one (getting to know your customers) is so important. To create a survey that will point prospective customers in the right direction, you have to https://www.businessnewsdaily.com.

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For his own business, Gentle Rain Marketing Inc., Satterfield said he asks prospective clients to choose which of four marketing objectives they are most focused on in the next 12 months. Clients then select whatever option they relate to best— from attracting new prospects to implementing a new marketing strategy.

“With a program such as InfusionSoft, you can ‘tag’ people based on how they answer the survey,” Satterfield said. “Depending upon what they select in the survey, you can now send people into a campaign that is specifically designed to address the issue that they most need assistance with. That’s huge, especially if you want to stay in touch with your prospects for an extended period of time.”