Do I keep the baby or have an abortion?

Do I keep the baby, give it up, or have an abortion imageI wonder how many women ever have doubts about being pregnant? Or have to decide between keeping their career alive or raising a child? Or have the question pop up in their minds on whether they should keep the baby, give it up, or have an abortion?

This post is about a young woman [whom we’ll call Anne for the sake of anonymity] and her feelings and reactions when she discovered that she was pregnant. Anne is a friend of my wife and written below is their correspondence. It has been edited ever so slightly.

With their approval, I am posting this here in the hope that soon to be dads may gain some insight into what some soon to be moms go through. And also for you soon to be moms out there, may you be inspired and encouraged by this encounter between friends as I was.

Here is Anne’s letter:

Hi Telu [teh-looh],
I woke up this morning and was feeling discouraged. The first person I thought of was you! I dunno how to explain it but I just got drawn to you. So I took my phone, logged in LinkedIn and started reading your husband’s Blog site on Father To Be!!

I was going through a really rough patch! LOL who doesn’t! After reading the articles on Father To Be, I was really encouraged by your husband’s personal experiences.

During my 4th month at work which I was enjoying, I found out that I was pregnant. I was devastated and felt that my career was going to be cut short.

I didn’t want to keep the baby….that’s how bad it was for me! I wasn’t thinking straight at all, I felt lost and I’ve been having really bad morning sickness and lost 10kg in just one week!

Because I was suffering badly, I decided to resign from work. I cried for days trying to find refuge, and just trying my best to spend some time alone with God. I cried and cried so much after realizing that I was deciding to take a life!!! That day I spent with God changed my life! And on that same day, I read your husband’s articles and instantly thought of you. How you handle your life and your kids! You enjoy each and every life in them! I got more discouraged….

And here is my wife’s reply…

First and foremost a hearty CONGRATS for the mini-you on the way (Don’t worry my lips are sealed!) Wish I could hug you in person right now….

Thank you for having the confidence to share what you did with me. It’s not easy pouring out your heart/soul to another and I am privileged.

Isa[Oh] my dear! I know when hormones are running wild and emotions at their peak we tend to make irrational decisions.

Believe me I know exactly how you feel…because I too opted not to keep the baby during my last pregnancy. Yes me! The thought of having 5 biological children with 2 step-kids (7 in total) scared the hell out of me. I knew both my husband’s family and my family would greatly disapprove the rate we were having kids especially my in-laws. I was worried about work having to go on maternity leave AGAIN & how on earth we were going to provide for our 7 kids.

And you know what??? GOD told me to ‘Cast all my burdens unto Him’, that He would ‘Never leave me nor forsake me’ for He was ‘Jehovah Jireh’ my Provider who would ‘supply all my needs according to His glorious riches’.

So 7 months into my pregnancy I decided it was time to leave the career I worked so hard to build…it was time I fulfilled my ‘PURPOSE’. The reason I was knitted in my mother’s womb and brought into this world.

And it’s true what they say about work! You can easily be replaced…but it took 7 years for that to finally sink in. So exactly 7 years of having worked, on the 7th month of 2013 (July) before giving birth to our 7th child – I resigned from my job. It was the best decision I ever made!!!

God reminded me – if He could give my husband the position of Web Designer at an NGO with no degree/diploma, after 5 years of staying at home, studying the bible and learning on the internet …then He could pretty much give me the career my heart desired as long as I lived & breathed His word.

So here I am at home – a full time Mom for the moment nurturing my 7 little purposes whilst waiting to fulfill my calling.

Don’t be disheartened! Count your blessings…for the Lord has said ‘The fruit of your womb is a reward!’

Think of the couples who have been trying numerous times to get pregnant.

Your little one is here because he/she has a purpose. He/She is here to fulfill a calling GOD has specially ordained his/her life for.

In this day and age we worry about career, making a name for ourselves, money, investments etc but in reality if we die today we take none of those with us.

I’m enjoying my children now because I want them to be able to vouch for me as the mother who nursed them when they were sick, held their hand when their tooth was pulled out, read to them before bed time, enjoyed tea time with their imaginary friends, cried & laughed with them, lived life with them.

Look around you…ask the Holy Spirit to take away your morning sickness. Speak life to your child in your womb…cover your husband & family in prayer…commit your baby’s life, the delivery and contractions to the Lord in prayer whilst you are at home.

This is the greatest investment you can contribute to the lives of those you love for now.

Stay blessed my dear! Remain favored…for you are a daughter of the King!

I hope this post has inspired or encouraged you in some way.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to write a guest post or share a story that we all could learn from.

Leave a comment and share your thoughts and please share the inspiration with others on your social network[s].

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Daddy and his litlle girl.

“It really just broke my heart tonight as I watched my 6 year old son struggle to go to the toilet and relieve himself.

I had to hide my tears as he called out to let me know he was done.

You see my son Ethan, still crawls to get around.

However, I believe with all my heart that one day my son will walk…

The mere fact that we are able to jump out of bed and can run, hop, skip & walk is something we should appreciate daily.

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What are you thankful for?”

So! What…are…you…thankful for?

Share it in the comments!

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