How to start building your child’s brand

Building your childs brandWhat is a brand or what is branding anyway? Allow me to share a lesson that I have learnt on the importance of branding and how you can use this knowledge to start building your child’s brand. Let me first define what a brand is in its simplest form.

A brand is never what you say, or think you are. A brand is what others say; think, and feel you are. Now this is a definition that marketing gurus for companies would be concerned with.

Let us personalize this definition and bring it a little closer to home.

Your brand is never what you say or think you are. Your brand is what others say and think you are.

What they say and think you are, is really derived from how you present yourself…is it not? How you present yourself is derived from your perception or view of yourself. Your perception of you is derived from your thought pattern. Your thought pattern is derived from what you’ve heard and what others have spoken into your life.

Phew…let’s allow this to marinate for a few seconds before continuing.


Most of what others have spoken into our lives is a result of their lack of knowledge on the importance of words, and our choices. Lack of knowledge on the part of our family and friends and our choices when it comes to the company we keep.

How to start building your child’s brand

Here is an example of how I’m applying this branding knowledge at home.

After lunch one day my son [9] gets’ up to put his dishes in the kitchen sink. I ask him to wash his own dishes since the rest have been done. He obeys and then goes back to what he was doing prior to lunch. I later go to the sink to get a glass of water only to discover his plate in the rack with sauce still on the back. I called him back to the kitchen to inspect the work that he had done. Then I ask him how he would like to be known. Does he want to be known as “Tyrell the boy who does half hearted incomplete work” or “Tyrell the neat boy who always completes his tasks well” [something along these lines].

Choosing the latter; I told him “now that you’ve chosen, work towards that so that we will be able to see this. So wherever you are, this is the standard that you keep for yourself.”

To cut a long story short; he re-washed his plate, and another plate that was in the sink and did this really well. Taking his time to ensure he covered every inch of it.

I would like to redefine the definition of what a brand is here to something we can apply as parents and pass the thought on to our children.

Your brand is; whom you’ve decided to be, that others will be able to perceive.

I think this is simple enough and something our children should be able to understand.

I wish I could say that once this is done your child will always begin to work with perfection; but, we both know that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

The key to this is repetition, patience and perseverance.

Here is a Proverb that should always encourage us:

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.. Proverbs 22:6


Let us

Press on together…

For tomorrow we celebrate amidst shouts of joy; over tears that were shed, heartaches endured, defeats we grew strong from, lessons learnt the hard way and our being relentless to the very end.

What are other ways in which you can begin building your child’s brand?

Share your thoughts in the comment.

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