Before the Game

So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. – 1 Corinthians 10:31

Lets face it! We’re so used to our comfort zones. How often do you step out into the unknown? Do the things that scare you? Take that blind leap of faith that you need to take? How often do you challenge yourself? And I mean… really challenge yourself to break new barriers and push the boundaries a little further?

Life’s too short for you to be complacent.

So do the things you want to do and can do while there’s still breath in you.
Get up.
Be counted.
And make a difference.

That bench you’ve been sitting on has been warmed long enough. Don’t you think?

I know the one I’m sitting on certainly has.

A few years ago, while at the Pacific Community (SPC), I had been given the priviledge to manage our volleyball team that had entered the Business House Volleyball Tournament. This was not only a challenge but also a process of discovery on my part as I had never done this before.

Always remember:

You will not recognize greatness in you being released if you never try.

As the team prepared for our first game I was contemplating what I could possibly say to inspire and encourage them.

Today, my oldest son Inoke will get the privilege to represent his school, Marist Brothers High School, for the first time in the Under 14 grade.

Something he has diligently been training for the last few weeks. The enthusiasm with which he talks about rugby is fueled by his passion and commitment to the sport. He’s been passed over a few times for the bigger and faster boys (or at least that’s what he thinks) and my advice to him has always been the same whenever he rants about it.

Put your head down, train harder, push yourself further. Your time will come.

As a parent I want my children to continually break new boundaries. I want them to be the best that they can be in whatever endeavour they undertake. I want them to realise the endless possibilities that lie before them if they but only take the first step.

Tomorrow, one of his seven siblings will be preparing to do something that scares them a little for the first time. In case they get cold feet or doubt themselves I’d share this with them as I did with the volleyball team I managed back at SPC.

To you reading this right now,

*Potential is defined as:

  • Dormant ability
  • Reserved Power
  • Hidden talents
  • Unused Success
  • All you can be but have not yet become
  • All you can do but have not yet done
  • How far you can reach but have not yet reached
  • What you can accomplish but have not yet accomplished

Potential is not what you have done but what you are yet able to do.

As you prepare yourself mentally for the task at hand, know that in you lies a vast ocean of unused potential.

In you lies gifts that you have yet to bring forth, treasures that you have yet to unearth and greatness that you have yet to discover.

Today is the day to unearth the treasures that lie deep within you.

To go where you have not yet gone before.

To do what you have not yet done.

Today is the day that you’ve been preparing so diligently for.

And now it’s here. And it’s yours for the taking.

Will you go back into that cave of comfort that you’ve always been in?

Or will you come out to discover and release the greatness that lies dormant within you?

Will you give the world the privilege to appreciate your gifts and the opportunity to stand and applaud you?

Will you allow them to nod their heads and concur that you truly are a remarkable individual?

Today is a beautiful day to shine.

This is your day.

Now is your time.


Feel free to copy it, add your child’s name to it if you want, print it and pass it on to them for encouragement.

Comment below if you have questions or would like to share your thoughts.

*Definition of Potential adapted from Dr Myles Munroe’s teaching on potential.

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  1. Truely said Yaca and it reminds me what our Coach at RKS Junior team in 1958 said.”Vini Vidi Vici”.

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